e-skin EMStyle Personal [EECP-F101BK]
e-skin EMStyle Personal [EECP-F101BK]
e-skin EMStyle Personal [EECP-F101BK]
e-skin EMStyle Personal [EECP-F101BK]
e-skin EMStyle Personal [EECP-F101BK]
e-skin EMStyle Personal [EECP-F101BK]
e-skin EMStyle Personal [EECP-F101BK]
e-skin EMStyle Personal [EECP-F101BK]

e-skin EMStyle Personal [EECP-F101BK]

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*Please read the instructions for use carefully.

*Please do not use this product for medical purposes.

How about reducing those long, backbreaking workout hours to just 20 minutes of training with Xenoma’s EMS suit?

“I really want to lose weight but keeping to a regular gym schedule is just too hard!”

“Work was too exhausting today, I have to skip the gym.”  

“Honestly, I don’t want to leave the house today…let’s binge some Netflix instead!"

Sounds familiar?
Time to upgrade the efficiency and fun factor of your training with e-skin EMStyle!
Our secret to an invigorating workout experience?
Matching your favorite workout (yoga/jogging/cycling/…) with wearable technology!

Put on e-skin EMStyle and your workout session will be over in just 20 minutes!

- No external wiring and a perfectly snug fit to your body
- Machine-washable for top hygiene
- Comfortable to wear and looks great combined with any outfit

Xenoma develops smart apparel that makes your life HAPPIER and HEALTHIER. Let’s upgrade your lifestyle together!

※EMS technology (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) has a long history of use against muscle atrophy in rehabilitation and medical care

Main Service Content:

  • 24 integrated EMS electrodes stimulate your muscles during workout
  • Use the app to control and customize the training settings for optimal efficiency
  • Due to high intensity, training sessions should never exceed 20 minutes. Leave at least 48 hours for regeneration between training sessions.

The decicated ‘e-skin EMStyle personal’ app

Price: Free

Available at: App Store (iOS) / Google Play (Android)

Please do not use this product if you have any of the following symptoms

  • If you are injured
  • If you have any health problems
  • If you have a skin condition
  • If you are not sure of the name of your illness
  • You are under the influence of alcohol or medication
  • You are pregnant, have a tendency to become pregnant, or are pregnant or menstruating
  • You are unable to make normal decisions or express your wishes
  • You are under 18 years of age.
  • You have been banned by your doctor from exercising
  • You have a medical electrical device implanted in your body
  • have a life-supporting medical electrical device
  • have a wearable medical electrical device
  • have a malignant tumor
  • People with vascular disease
  • Heart disease
  • Neurological disease
  • Those with metabolic diseases
  • Those who are recovering from surgery or have had surgery
  • You have metal or plastic implants in your body 

*Shipping Areas: Japan

*Due to the lighting during the photo shooting and/or your monitor’s display, the color of the item displayed on the photo may be slightly different from the actual item. Please refer to the pictures that only show the product itself for the actual color tone.

size 0 1 2 3 4 5
Chest measurement(cm) 65-83 70-90 75-96 80-102 85-109 90-115
Waist(cm) 51-65 54-69 59-75 64-82 70-90 76-97
Hip(cm) 72-92 78-100 84-107 90-115 96-123 102-130

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